Podcast Episode 1: Hair Wig Scams and Industry Frauds


  • hair wig scams

    Hair Wig Scams and Industry Frauds

    Hair companies, have been stealing from other hair company’s content. It’s gotten to be a real problem and it needs to stop. Hair wig scams in particular are rampant. They take another influencer’s Youtube or Instagram video, then they post it to their website as if it’s their own.

hair wig scams

Unfortunately, in most cases if the price seems too good to be true, it usually is. Recently I was just scrolling our Instagram feed, I came across this video advertisement for a beautiful rose gold lace front wig. I clicked the ad and it said all wigs were $38 and you get your 2nd wig for free. So my eyes got all big and I was pumped up thinking I struck gold.

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However, something in me said, do your research, this offer was simply too good to be true. A high quality lace front wig even if it is synthetic hair will at minimum cost you $100 and up. If the wig is human hair expect to pay at least $250 and at the highest price point it will go into the $1000 range.

When I went to do my investigating for some reason my first instinct was to go to the comments section of that ad. And lawd the people were roasting this company. Turns out they had stolen the content and the actual hair company charged $500 or so for the wig I was interested in.

This is really got to stop, it makes it hard for legitimate hair companies. Had I bought this wig I guess I would have ended up with a Wish special, so glad I did some quick research! Has this happened to you? Have you fell for a scam like this?

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