How Do I Make My 4C Hair Defined? Use These Techniques and Products

To make 4C hair defined with a more visible curl pattern you have to manipulate your hair with products and style techniques. Here two style options for creating curls, along with the methods and products you will need:

Creating a wash and go look on 4C Hair

Disclaimer – Although the name of this style implies that it is a quick style method depending on the length of your hair and the look you desire to create, it is not necessarily a 10 minute process.

After freshly washing and conditioning your hair you need to apply a moisturizing gel product with hold to damp hair.

curl prep wash and go system

Technique #1 To create the curls, add an ample amount of product to damp hair and apply section by section. Rake the product through your curls with your hands until you see the definition that you are looking for, then move onto the next section and do this until your whole head is completed.

Technique #2 If you do not like the results from raking the product through or what’s called the “shingling” method try coiling each strand around your fingers instead.

Creating twist outs, braids outs, and set styles

Creamy products with hold will bring out the best curl definition for 4C hair and deliver the best results when doing twist outs, braid outs and set styles.

natures little secret irish moss styling cream

If you have not been having success with twist outs, braid outs and set styles keep this in mind:

– Make sure your hair is free from damage; remove any split ends.

– Don’t over fluff your twist out once you are ready to remove the twists/braids and use the right tools to add volume.

– Smaller twists/braids/sets tend to create more defined curls and bigger sections have less definition with more volume.

Comb for adding volume to twist outs

This article has even more details about why your twist outs fail: 8 Reasons Why Your Twist Out Failed

2 thoughts on “How Do I Make My 4C Hair Defined? Use These Techniques and Products”

  1. Hpw long will it take for me to grow my afro? I recently cut my hair and I want it to grow as a ast as possible

    1. On average our hair grows 1/2 inch per month with the right care. Expect to see a change after 3 to 4 months of growth and a dramatic difference after 1 year of growth. The first year focus on keeping moisture in your hair and nourishing it often for optimal growth. We recommend all products here:

      After the first year when you have length you will want to focus on good care and low manipulation to prevent breakage.

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