Does chebe powder really grow hair?

does chebe powder grow hair

Chebe powder aids in hair growth by strengthening hair but it does not “make” your hair grow. Good products like Chebe make it easier for you to retain more hair length but they will not make new growth sprout out overnight.

chebe shampoo and conditioner

Chebe should be used in combination with healthy hair practices. The Basara women of Chad don’t just use Chebe, they are also doing the following:

  • 99% of the time they are wearing large braids as protective styles (the less you manipulate the hair, the more hair you will hold onto)
  • They handle their hair gently when they do manipulate it (no rough combing or styling and they use tools designed for textured hair)
  • They are moisturizing often; they mix water and oils with the Chebe

Chebe powder is a wonderful ingredient that can make your hair stronger and can aid with growth when made a part of a healthy hair regimen. On average we grow 1/2 inch of hair per month and Chebe can help you hold onto more of those strands but it will not speed up your natural rate of growth.

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