Natural Hairstyles for Your Next Zoom Meeting

Zoom meeting natural hairstyles

Do you find yourself pushing the off button on your webcam because you are not feeling your hair? More than ever before, many of us are finding ourselves doing Zoom meetings while working remotely from home. If you dread turning on your video because you are unsure what to do with your hair, here are some easy options that will get you camera ready in no time.

#1 Use Braiding Hair to Create Quick and Easy Styles

Zoom Meeting Natural Hairstyles

You can easily create a professional style by putting your hair into a ponytail and adding braiding hair for fullness and length. These are styles I created in under 10 minutes using braiding hair.

#2 When in doubt try a high bun

#3 Pinned Up Two Strand Twists

Twists easy to do, can last you up to 2 weeks or more and can be pinned up in pretty styles. The smaller they are the more time they take to do, so do this style over the weekend.

Another example of how lovely twists look when you pin them up.

#4 A Low Bun With a Little Something Extra

Zoom Meeting Natural Hairstyles

A simple twist in the front gives this low bun a beautiful finishing touch.

#5 A Crown Braid is Simple and Sophisticated

Curlfriends, what are some of your favorite ways to wear your curls to work?

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