Create a Straight Look Using Braiding Hair and No Heat

braiding hair straight style

Braiding hair can be used to easily create straight styles without the need for you to use any heat. No worries about heat damage when you use this alternative to the flat iron or chemicals.

You have two methods to implement: do a simple style like a ponytail or a longer term style like crochet braids.

After I washed my hair, I simply molded it down using our Curl Elixir Flaxseed Gel and Coconut Milk Twisting Creme. I tied down my hair tightly with a scarf and from there on out it was easy styling.

straight braid style

I had some fun and did two ponytails for this look and was really impressed. You can wear this hair as is (it almost looks like bundles!) or braid it up.

3 thoughts on “Create a Straight Look Using Braiding Hair and No Heat”

  1. I want my hair to be straight, but I do not want it relaxed or permed because the chemicals from wearing my hair permed for over 50 years caused breakage. I don’t want to wear a natural look. My hair has grown back. I love not having a perm, but the downside to that is after pressing my hair it shrinks up an hour after pressing it? What do you recommend I use to prevent that and to maintain the look I get immediately after pressing it? Need serious help! Thank you.

    1. You will have to make sure your hair thoroughly pressed for a long lasting straight style. To maintain the look you will have to make sure you keep your hair wrapped and avoid situations that would cause you to sweat or if it is humid it is likely to have an effect on your hair. You also need to use more oils and butters, instead of water based products because this would revert your hair as well.

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