Deva Curl Controversy -Women Are Suffering From Fried Damaged Curls

deva curl controversy

Women are taking to YouTube claiming that Deva Curl has destroyed their hair and some even say hair loss. It’s like a Wen Part II, only a little worse because the outrage is more visible.

After watching video after video, you can tell that there are definitely some attention seekers who are trying to ride the waves of views that they will surely get. While there are definitely some in-depth honest complaints about the products that have left once beautiful curly manes stringy and lifeless.

It seems as though there were “no major changes” to the product formulation according to Deva Curl which was acquired in 2017. However, perhaps their small change did, in fact, make an impact on the performance of the product as there are simply too many upset customers, including those who were once big fans.

If you go to Deva Curl’s website and look under the ingredients section it says,

“In an effort to always deliver the best products for your curls, we update our ingredient formulations from time to time to deliver great curls. Always check the label of the product that you receive as part of your order for the most up to date and accurate ingredient information.”

Deva Curl
deva curl damage

The most common complaint is that the product is destroying women’s curl patterns. Some are so frustrated with the state of their hair that they are willing to do a big chop to restore the health of their curls. Which in some cases, it may be the best thing to do if nothing else has worked.

Consumers have become so furious that Deva Curl is now facing a Class Action Lawsuit. Hopefully, Deva Curl takes whatever action is necessary to remedy this situation and revise whatever “small changes” they made to their formula.

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