Babassu Oil: What is it and What is it Good For?

what babassu oil is good for

Babassu oil is extracted from the flesh of the Babassu seeds when they are pressed.

If you like preparing your own body scrubs, hair masks, or soaps, you can experiment with using Babassu in place of coconut oil (it behaves similarly). For best results, purchase natural, unrefined Babassu oil. Use a beauty product that is enriched with Babassu oil if you are not the DIY type.


The exceptionally tall Babassu Palm tree is famous for having the hardest kernel in the world. Nevertheless, Brazilians still crack the nut and extract the flesh inside it.

Because it grows to an impressive 20 meters, the women who crack the kernels wait for them to fall to the ground before gathering them.

In Brazil, Babassu oil is treasured for its medicinal use. The oil is applied to wounds to aid in healing. The tree is also a source of biofuel.

In the US, Babassu is a popular ingredient in hair and skin products.

The Benefits of Babassu Oil:

babassu oil

Good Choice for Low Porosity Hair

Because this oil is so lightweight, it does not weigh down your hair even when you apply it generously.

Use it to make your hair easier to style and protect it from the sun as well as soothe the scalp. Massage it into your scalp and apply it to the ends of your hair for the best results. 

Little to no smell

One of the best things about this oil is that it does not have any strong smells. Many people consider it odorless, in fact.


Babassu has more longevity than most other oils because it resists oxidization for longer. The shelf life is up to 3 years.


Natives in Brazil apply Babassu on wounds like cuts and bruises to make them heal faster. They also use it to heal some kinds of vaginal discharge.

The antioxidants in Babassu help to reduce damage from free radicals.

Babassu oil has been shown to kill Staphylococcus aureus, a harmful bacterium behind staph infections in humans.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties.


Because of the smooth, velvety way it makes your skin feel, Babassu oil is an ideal oil for massage. Rubbing the oil into your skin feels like a luxurious treat.

Considering the usefulness of the Babassu tree for healing, biofuel, food, and beauty, it is easy to see why the tree earned the moniker ‘Tree of Life.’

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