Activated Charcoal for Hair, Skin and Teeth

activated charcoal for hair

Activated charcoal has amazing benefits for hair, skin, and teeth. Don’t worry it is not the same thing as the charcoal bricks that we use for summer barbeques!

Activated charcoal is formed when natural carbon products like wood are superheated. The texture of activated charcoal is very fine and it has no odor.

Activated charcoal can be made from wood, coconut shells, peat, or sawdust which is brought to extremely high temperatures.

Why Use Activated Charcoal?

When charcoal is activated, it gains a bigger surface area and it can absorb a lot. Some people believe that activated charcoal can absorb toxins from their bodies.

In fact, it is used in modern medicine to remove toxins, but it is recommended that you DO NOT use it for general purposes like a “detox”. It should only be prescribed by your doctor if it is deemed necessary when consumed internally.

You can safely use activated charcoal externally for your hair, skin and teeth as a powerful cleansing agent.

Activated Charcoal for Hair

Charcoal shampoos anyone? Shampoos enriched with activated charcoal are excellent for getting rid of:

  • Product buildup
  • Clogged pores
  • Grease
  • Dirt

Charcoal shampoos are gentle enough for all hair types and textures. Use a high-quality shampoo that will not dry out your hair too much.

Use it occasionally for best results.

Charcoal shampoos will give you super clean hair and scalp. Charcoal shampoo is so good because it absorbs impurities as much as 100 times its own weight. Dirt washes away easily and you will immediately notice your hair feeling lighter. Your scalp will also feel a lot better.

Consider a charcoal shampoo if your hair is too dry for a normal clarifying shampoo. Charcoal works by absorbing the toxins on your scalp instead of stripping away everything. It naturally helps your scalp to feel better after a wash.

Charcoal shampoos can also help with infected or sensitive scalps, too.

Activated charcoal may be trending, but it is nothing new. For centuries, people from different cultures have used it for medical and cosmetic purposes. They used it as a skin cleanser, teeth cleaner, and as a medication for people who had been exposed to toxins.  

Activated Charcoal for Skin Care

The toxin removing properties of Activated charcoal have proven helpful for skincare. It helps to remove chemicals, bacteria, dust, and toxins form the skin.

Activated charcoal is used to make deodorants because charcoal absorbs smells and gasses. It works well on your under arm as well as in smelly shoes.

People who struggle with oily skin will find that it helps to control it by absorbing excess moisture, humidity and oils.

Practitioners of traditional medicine around the world have used activated charcoal for the treatment of skin infections. It can even absorb harmful germs from superficial wounds.

charcoal toothpaste

Activated Charcoal for Teeth

Activated charcoal is used as a teeth whitening product and cleaner. Some people use it to brush their teeth because it makes your teeth much cleaner than brushing with regular toothpaste. Brush with activated charcoal once every two months.

Activated charcoal is one of the most popular ingredients in teeth whitening products. If you want to brush your teeth with pure activated charcoal to whiten it, be careful not to do it for too long as it might damage the enamel.

Activated charcoal cleans so well because it is negatively charged and therefore attracts all positively charged molecules.

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