The Curly Girl Method Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need to Know

What is the Curly Girl Method?

The Curly Girl Method is especially for chemical-free naturally curly hair and encourages a “no-poo” approach, discouraging the use of shampoo.

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#1 Who coined it?

#2 The Curly Girl Rules

#3 How to Know if a Product is CG Approved

#4 How To Get Started

#5 What Results to Expect

Who coined it?

the author of the curly girl method
Lorraine Massey Creator of the Curly Girl Method

Lorraine Massey is the creator of this method as well as the owner of Devachan Salons and co-founder of DevaCurl products. She has authored three books: Curly Girl (which covers the method in-depth), Silver Hair, and Curly Kids.


the curly girl method guide

#1 Do not shampoo your hair (this is probably one of the most important rules.

#2 Do not use heat

#3 Do not use brushes

#4 Your products can not have any of the following ingredients:

How to Know if a Product is Curly Girl Approved

cg approved

#1 Is it CG

is a tool that allows you to copy and paste the product ingredients and with the push of a button you can find out whether or not it is CG Approved.

#2 Curls Bot

is a similar tool that helps you find out whether or not it is Curly Girl approved as well, along with providing a comprehensive list of ingredients you should avoid.

#3 CurlScan

is a database that allows you to search brands that are curly girl method approved.

We checked our curly hair stylers to see whether or not they were Curly Girl Approved and guess what? All of them are!

How to Get Started

Step #1 – Get a fresh start

Use a clarifying shampoo that will remove any product buildup you have before starting the Curly Girl Method. Then get a trim to remove any damaged ends that you may have.

Step #2 – Stop using shampoo, use conditioner instead.

You will be using conditioner only to cleanse your hair and scalp.

Step #3 – Only use your hands or a wide-tooth comb to detangle. Do not use a brush.

Step #4 – No heat styling and only use Curly Girl approved products.

What Results to Expect


The rules that make up the curly girl method are designed to leave you with happier, healthier and more defined curls. Avoiding heat, brushes and drying hair products are generally good rules of thumb for all textured hair types.

Most curly hair textures are prone to dryness so the lack of shampoo may not necessarily be a bad thing. In most cases, the conditioner will be enough to cleanse your hair. However, if you find that you have buildup there is no harm in using a gentle cleansing shampoo as needed.

At first, things might seem worse before they get better if you are not use to following the standards of this method. Give it a try for up to 4 weeks before giving up and make adjustments so that it suits your hair’s individual needs.

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