Why Your Flaxseed Gel is Putting Flakes in Your Hair and How to Stop It From Happening

diy flaxseed gel how to stop it from flaking

Flaxseed gel is a wonderful moisturizing replacement to your average gel, however it can get flaky depending on how you prepare it. Here’s what you should know if you decide to make your own DIY Flaxseed Hair Gel and want to prevent flakes:

Determine what type of hold you want

For a super strong hold you will want to use more flaxseeds and for a lighter hold you should use a smaller amount of flaxseeds.

Example measurements:

flaxseed hair gel guide

1/4 cup of flaxseeds in 20 oz of water for a light to medium hold

1/3 cup of flaxseeds in 20 oz of water for a strong hold

1/2 cup of flaxseeds in 20oz of water for a super strong hold

The amount of flaxseeds you use should be adjusted according to how much water you are using.

For a stronger hold you should dilute your gel to prevent flakes.

To prevent flakes from a flaxseed gel with a strong hold hold you must dilute the gel. You can do this two ways:

A. Mix more water and glycerin (optional) into the mix you created.

B. Make sure your hair is damp when you apply the gel, applying the gel to dry hair is likely to result in flakes.

Light to medium holds don’t usually have this issue

Maybe you don’t need a super firm hold to define your curls and you just need something that’s in the middle. Light to medium holds are likely not to require any added ingredients because the mix already has enough dilution from the water you boiled it in. However, to be safe you can always apply the gel to damp hair.

Curl Elixir Flaxseed Gel

You can always, of course, get Flaxseed Hair Gel pre-made to perfection :-).

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