Try This For More Moisturized Hair on Wash Day

Wash Day Dryness

Not only is wash day a chore, but many avoid it because they have to work so hard to put moisture back into their hair after washing. Although many shampoos are sulfate free some are still using other ingredients that strip the hair. Shampoo bars, clays and foam-free shampoos may just change your life!

shea conditioner for dry hair

While these options don’t give you a whole lot of suds that does not mean that they do not cleanse your hair. They give your hair and scalp a clean feel without being so harsh or removing you of all your natural oils using organic ingredients. Some all natural cleansing agents include: African black soap, bentonite clay, and raw honey. The end result is less dry hair on wash day and although you will still have to moisturize, your hair will not be so drawn up and dried out.

video via @curly.strands

If your hair does not have a lot of product buildup focus your efforts on cleansing your scalp. This avoids drying your hair out and reduces breakage from manipulation of the hair.

Especially in cooler months when more dry hair is likely, try these options instead of putting off wash day.

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