Hey Rookie, Here’s a Twist Out Tutorial for You

Twist outs are simple right? Comb your hair out, put some product on it, twist it, then undo the twists and boom your hair is done. Easy as pie. Reality: you spend hours styling then you undo the twists to discover frizzy undefined strands.

There are many factors that contribute to twist out fail, like split ends, fluffing too much or not letting your hair completely dry.

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While it is great to get step by step written instruction for how not to get a twist out that sucks, the power of video is the best tool for learning how to get the best outcome.

Sheridan of The Hair Politics reviewed the Reclaim Your Crown Collection but also shared her insights as someone who is a rookie to doing twist out. Her first twist out failed because she did not detangle her hair thoroughly before styling among other things, but then she had a major success.

A must watch video for newbies or those who haven’t had a lot of luck with this style.

1 thought on “Hey Rookie, Here’s a Twist Out Tutorial for You”

  1. I’ve been doing twistouts since I first went Natural, and for the most part, I think they are pretty bomb (not tooting my own horn)… BUT, I still love finding resources like this, because it reminds me of things I already know–like my twist out WON’T be so bomb if I don’t detangle properly…

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