10 Full and Beautifully Textured Butterfly Braid Hairstyles

Butterfly braids are one the most gorgeous looks trending out there! Although this style has a fairly simple foundation you can get pretty creative with this look. You can use them as a part of beautiful updos, adorn them with hair jewelry, or it can be the perfect low maintenance day to day style.

You will want to stretch your hair prior to achieving a style like this. Then you can mold your hair down with a gel like Eco Styler and or a molding gel for a smooth finish.

See how you can get your hair sleek without flat ironing.

For an ultra sleek style you will want to blow dry and flat iron your hair first. Read how you can protect your hair from heat damage.

The Best Heat Protectants
Heat Stretching: Get the Stretch You Need Without the Damage

To achieve the fullness and length you will need to purchase braiding hair. Xpressions braiding hair is a good brand to try. Whatever braiding hair you end up choosing make sure it matches your texture for a unified style.

The key to getting this look is to work with large sections of your hair. You will want to braid tight enough so that you are effectively gripping your roots. Once you are done braiding all the way down to the ends pull and fluff the braid (this creates the butterfly effect).

Here is a our curated pick of some of the best of the best butterfly braids:

butterfly braid

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