FROS&BEAUS: 16 Beautiful Photos of Couples and Families

It’s the season of love! Why not celebrate by showing off some beautiful photos of naturals with their beaus? Fros&Beaus is an online community that is proof that you definitely can find love with your natural tresses. Some women are often hesitant in fear that they may not attract a man with their natural look or that their significant other will not like it. The thousands of photos shared by Fros&Beaus proves that theory is simply hogwash. Here is our pick of our favorite couples and families featured on Fros&Beaus social media.

1 thought on “FROS&BEAUS: 16 Beautiful Photos of Couples and Families”

  1. Cute… So do y’all post pictures of queer Black folx too? I mean, Black love isn’t reserved for straight couples. It would be nice to see queer representation on your page. (:

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