10 Changes That You Can Make To Keep Hair Moisturized Longer

keep hair moisturized longer
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As every curly girl knows, moisture is our very best friend. Without it, curls become dry, lackluster, dull, and extremely difficult to manage. On the other hand, curls that have and retain moisture are touchable, shiny and full of movement. Needing to find out how to add and retain a moisture to those parched curls? Just keep reading!

Here are 10 changes you can make to keep hair moisturized longer:

#1. Use a hair steamer to lay the foundation for moisture. These handy gadgets are definitely a curly girl’s best friend. They are great at lifting the hair’s cuticle just enough to infuse moisture into it. The cost? Around $70. But it’s definitely a great investment that will be worth every penny.

#2. Use a leave-in conditioner appropriate for your hair type. The fact that the conditioner is allowed to remain on the hair after it has been cleansed, rinsed and sealed with an oil actually constitutes the LOC method. One reminder: The cream conditioner part of the equation may not work for those girls whose hair is low porosity, so a liquid leave-in followed by a light sealing oil like grapeseed, babassu or kukui nut oil might be a better option in that case.

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#3. Use coconut water to hydrate your hair. Be sure to use coconut water that has no added flavors or preservatives and that preferably has not been pasteurized and is not from concentrate. Raw coconut water is best – but if it’s not available, be sure to closely examine your ingredient lists. Coconut water that is closest to its natural state (limited processing) has a ph of 5, which is pretty ideal for curly hair, which has a ph of 5.5. Don’t forget the amino acids and nutrients that exist in this amazing liquid that is frequently used by sports players/workout enthusiasts to hydrate their systems after intense physical exertion; it’s a perfect choice for hydrating hair, too.

#4. Use Aloe Vera juice to hydrate hair, too. This is an age old remedy that really works! Again, be sure to closely follow your ingredient lists and pick an aloe gel/juice that is chemical free for maximum benefits and moisture that has no damaging effects upon your skin and hair.

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#5. Seal with oil after cleansing, conditioning, and rinsing hair. The best way to keep the moisture in your hair is to provide a barrier that prevents the moisture from escaping your hair. There are some truly amazing natural oils, like
mongongo oil that don’t leave a greasy feeling in the hair but do seal in moisture and provide long term benefits to curly hair.

#6. Add honey, agave, or glycerin to your conditioning regimen. These humectants will attract moisture from the air into your hair, so incorporating them into your moisture retention routine can be a definite plus!

#7. Deep condition your hair weekly under hooded dryer/ heating cap after cleansing. Heat is the best way to open up the cuticle of the hair to allow moisture in, and if a deep conditioning treatment is faithfully followed at least once a week, the moisture level of the hair will most definitely be raised. It takes perseverance, but over time the benefits are so beneficial that they outweigh any inconvenience that you might experience.

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#8. Protective style more often. I know sometimes we just love to have our big beautiful fros out, but I am telling you you will notice a difference in moisture retention. Here are 15 Protective Hairstyle Ideas if you need some inspiration.

#9. Avoid contact with cottons and wools that dry your hair out. At night always wear a satin bonnet to avoid dryness from your bedding or you can opt for a silk pillowcase. During the day if you want to wear a cotton fabric hat or headwrap always wrap your hair with a satin scarf first.

#10. When you get in the shower skip the shower cap. Depending on your hairstyle choice this may not always be an option, but if you can do it go for it. The steam from the shower will hydrate your hair with much needed moisture.

Above all, gather information and do research for your hair type, and work with it, not against it. In no time, you will be sure to have curls that are moisturized, hydrated and oh so amazing!

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