Should Everyone Use Hair Protein Treatments?

Should I Use Protein Hair Treatment
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Although frequent usage isn’t necessary for everyone’s hair, occasional use of hair protein treatments is beneficial for most, as hair needs a balance of both protein and moisture. Hair is made up of keratin protein, so when hair protein treatments are used it replenishes the proteins lost when damage is encountered.

Some scenarios where you may find a protein treatment useful…

  • You are considering using a chemical product on your hair (ex. color, relaxer, texturizer). This will help to strengthen your hair before application
  • You have used a chemical product and you want to restore its strength
  • You are noticing bad hair breakage
  • You plan on pressing or flat ironing your hair, you can do a protein treatment beforehand to strengthen your strands

Being that many of us like to experiment with style changes that put strain on our hair, implementing a protein treatment every now again will help to promote the resiliency of our strands. High porosity hair benefits from more frequent usage of protein treatments to help fill in the gaps and holes found in the structure whereas low or medium porosity hair does not have to use as often.

For the best results:

  • Always follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner to avoid dryness afterward.
  • If your hair is low or medium porosity try aiming to implement protein on an as needed basis.
  • Pay attention to the instructions! A professional strength product like Aphogee Two Step Treatment is only to be used every 6 weeks.
  • Find that your hair is sensitive to protein? You can make your own DIY protein treatment. It won’t penetrate as deep as a professional strength product but it will be more gentle on your hair.

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