10 Natural Hair Tips Every Natural Must Know

Natural Hair tips every natural should know

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If you don’t know, now you know Curlfriend! Here are 10 tips that every natural should know:

#1. Rinsing off your conditioner with cold water

Warm water causes hair to frizz a little as the cuticles open up.

To stop frizziness, rinse conditioner out with cool water. This tames frizziness, increases shininess and locks in moisture by flattening the hair cuticle.

#2. Wet twist

If you have a problem with taking your twists out before it dries, get rid of the excess water by using a paper towel. Lightly squeeze your twist as you work your way down. Paper towels don’t suck out all the moisture like regular towels do, so it’s definitely a good option.

#3  Co-wash if you need to wash your hair more than once a week

If you feel like you need a more regular wash, add one or two extra washes a week using only conditioner and no shampoo, this is called co-washing.

#4 The longer your hair gets the less often you need to wash it

Short hair is more welcoming and forgiving of regular washes, as it doesn’t tangle so easily.

#5  Spritz with water regularly

Kinky/curly hair is very vulnerable to dryness; it can lose a lot of moisture even in a day. Water is best for natural hair.

#6 Use essential oils to maximize hair growth

Essential oils are highly potent, naturally derived oils that are documented as having active properties.

The most beneficial essential oils are:
• Thyme
Ylang Ylang

#7  Massage your scalp regularly

Massaging the scalp encourages blood to flow to it. Blood brings with it all the nutrients needed for hair growth and Health.

Let it grow – Hot Oil Treatment can be applied directly to the hair because the essential oils sit in a base of Sweet Almond and Vitamin E Oil; it can also be used for scalp massage. It is available on eBay, Amazon and Afro Hair Solutions

#8 Mix gel and moisturizer

For more defined frizz free curls, mix a little gel with your hair moisturizer and scrunch this mixture down your hair by lightly squeezing.

Gel helps to set the style and the moisturizer will smooth the hair down blocking moisture from frizzing your hair.

#9 Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Use apple cider vinegar dilute with water in the shower to detangle your hair. It is easy to get the comb through, without much pain at all.

#10 Jojoba Oil

Use Jojoba Oil when sealing your hair, as it is similar to the oils we produce. This oil is great because it’s not greasy or heavy on your hair.

That’s all, I hope you enjoyed my tips and thank you very much for reading this blog post.

4 thoughts on “10 Natural Hair Tips Every Natural Must Know”

  1. Soooo helpful and useful. After I take my braids out, I will be employing these tips. Before then, I will continue spritzing my hair with water, natural oils and essentials. Thanks!

  2. Essential oils are 100% UNDERRATED!! I am currently dealing with some medically-induced alopecia and made a mix of jojoba oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil and peppermint oil and after a few weeks I already started seeing growth!!

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