How to Find Your Holy Grail Product


So you’re on the hunt for your holy grail product? Your one go-to conditioner, styler, gel, sealant, make-your-hair-feel-like-buttah product? Well, before you go and buy everything in the natural hair section at Target, here are a few pointers to help you find your BFF in a bottle:

1. Know/learn your hair.

If you’re a newly natural, it’s easy to get caught up in product junkie-ism because you’re still learning your hair: what your hair likes and how it responds to different products. Getting to know your hair takes time but it’s an important step in the process of finding your holy grail product. You learn your hair by examining it when dry and wet then seeing how it responds to products in order to recognize what it needs. After all, how can you know what your hair likes if you don’t really know your hair?

2. See what other naturals with a texture similar to your own use.

Many naturals now like to have a “hair twin:” someone whose hair looks as though it behaves similar to their own. Finding a natural whose hair appears similar to yours can aid in discovering your holy grail product because you’ll be able to see what worked for them and possibly try those products out on your own hair in hopes of achieving good results. Of course, it’s not a guarantee, but it’s likely to be better than buying a product that worked for a natural whose natural hair is completely different than yours.

3. Read the ingredients.

Finding your holy grail product requires knowing some basics about ingredients. Once you find a product that it seems your hair likes, you should examine the ingredients and even research them to see why your hair responded so favorably. This will help you find more products like it to include in your regimen.

4. Start on the low end.

There are a lot of great natural hair products on the costly end. There are also just as many (if not more) natural hair products that are super cost efficient. Don’t spring for the more expensive products just because they promise good results before building your regimen on ones that will work just as good for a fraction of the cost. Get as much bang for your buck as possible while you find your holy grail product(s).

5. If at first you don’t (or do) succeed, try again.

If your hair utterly hates a product, don’t just throw it away. Shampoos can be diluted, conditioners can be mixed, and any product can be either returned, swapped, or gifted. Don’t give up: you will find your holy grail product soon enough.

If your hair seems like it responds very well to a product, make sure you try it out a few times to ensure it wasn’t by chance. Hair reacts differently based on what state it’s so let trial be the judge.

To give you somewhere to start, here are a few products for 4c hair, as suggested by ThePrettyGirlsGuide:

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