Does a Healthy Diet Grow Your Hair Faster?

eating healthy speed hair growth

I wish I could be more straightforward with my answer on this, but I have to say yes and no. Mostly, no. Yes, I get it, make up your mind it’s either one or the other! Well here is my reasoning behind my baffling response:

I say no because….

  • Hair grows an average of 1/2 inch per month (which equals out to 6 inches per year). Some people grow faster than this and some grow a little under the average. This is all determined by your genetic makeup, which is something that you cannot change.
  • Eating healthy is not going to effect the amount of hair you are pre-determined to grow each month. Your body is more concerned with providing nutrition to more important areas of your body, with your hair not being a top priority.
  • Have you been eating healthy and wondering why your hair isn’t growing? If you have a hair type that is easily prone to breakage from basic manipulation (styling, washing, combing) a healthy diet doesn’t counteract this. You must still learn techniques for preserving your hair, otherwise it will be growing but you won’t see the growth because you will be breaking it off just as fast as you are growing it.
  • Do you already have badly damaged hair? A healthy diet does not cure this. Healthy diets will help you grow healthy hair from the root, but does nothing for the ends of your hair. If you have split ends, chemical or heat damage it must be cut off. Once hair has been damaged it cannot regenerate you must cut it and start anew.

I say yes if…

If you admittedly have a terrible diet and poor nutrition, you may see improvement in your growth rate. When your body is in poor health your hair and nails are sure to be a reflection of this. However, if you have a pretty good to great diet it is probably more useful to focus on length retention and how to preserve the hair you are growing.

This post was not meant to say there is no point in eating healthy. If you know your diet could be better, than go for it! You probably will see a change. We should all be eating healthy not for the sheer vanity of our hair, but our overall health.

Usually with kinky afro-textured hair it’s a little bit more than what we eat. In most cases our hair is growing just fine, but we are doing things unknowingly that are breaking our hair off and no diet will change that. So those who are considering hair vitamins to boost your hair growth, save your coins. It’s not worth it. You are better off using a combination of eating a balanced healthy diet, learning how to retain length and having a bit more patience.

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