Need Style Inspiration? Follow These 5 Natural Hair Instagrammers

When you are in need of style inspiration these are must follow Instagram accounts that you should check out!



If you want to see style after style, tutorials, hair challenges, and hair tips, you should definitely be following Romance. Her page is nothing but nonstop natural hair fun and she’s always doing something different with her tresses, from stretched styles to hair color. She keeps you on your toes and shows that natural hair never has to be boring.



Toya showcases styles that are perfect for short to medium length natural hair: she’s done puffs, mini twists, amazing twistouts, and spectacular protective styles. Plus, her makeup is always exceptional- an added bonus.



Shaun’s not afraid to switch it up when it comes to her natural hair and she’s always sharing tricks of the trade and products that have helped her achieve her beautiful styles, especially her famous perm rod set. She’s definitely an all-star when it comes to stretched styling and also welcomes questions and opportunities to help another natural sista out.



If you’re transitioning to natural hair, Jen is someone you should follow. This “Curlformers Queen” has been transitioning for over a year now and has practically perfected washing, detangling, and styling her two textures. Her blog, Just Grow Already is an excellent resource for healthy hair: it includes a complete source of topics ranging from 30 day challenges to her winter regimen.



When it comes to styling natural hair, Sasha just gets it. Her instagram features countless styles done on her natural hair that are all equally flawless and attainable. She often bridges the gap between stretched styling and protective styling by creating fiercely artistic styles with her hair that many other naturals replicate.

Who are some of your favorite natural hair Instagrammers? Let us know!

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