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Meet Aboyowa, a 4c natural with West African roots!

Hiiiii my name is Aboyowa Wood aka @westafricanbaby. I’ve been natural for about 2 and a half years. I have veryyyyy THICK hair in terms of strand size and the density of hair on my head. I also have coarse and medium porosity hair. In terms of curl pattern, I’m a 4C princess lol.


I loveeeee styling my hair. I’m always trying something new and trying different techniques on my 4c hair because it’s a lot of fun to see what 4c hair can do. I like to prove people that think 4c hair can’t do much wrong :p lol don’t mind me. But seriously tho there’s sooooo much you can do with 4c hair and I don’t think we even explore it enough. Stretched styles are also a very huge part of the styles I like to try. They are wonderful especially when you want volume in your hair and they make the hair easier to manage. If you’re someone that also likes to show of your length then stretched styles are a wonderful option.


I’ve tried a lot of stretched styles such as twists and perm rods, flat twists and perm rods, braid and curl, bantu knot outs, twist outs, perm rod sets, roller sets:  the list is endless! And even within those techniques I still find ways to tweak them each time to produce different looks. I really have too much fun with my hair I can’t even lie and I’m also a SOLID fro girl so anything that will end up in a fro-like hairstyle for me is perfect.


Anybody that knows me or is familiar with my Instagram (@westafricanbaby) or YouTube (westafricanbaby) will know that I am not a product junkie at all. I keep everything very simple, partly in order to prove that 4c hair doesn’t need too many products to give life to all who seek it LMAO. I only use water, raw shea butter, and pure argan oil to style my hair. End of story, regardless of what style I’m doing.


It’s really difficult for me to pick a favorite stretched style because I love so many and they all come in handy depending on my current situation or what I’m feeling at the moment. If I were to pick I’d just say a braid and curl because it is the fastest to do. I have videos on the different ways you can do those.


For a basic braid and curl I:

1. Start my hair with thoroughly detangled and moisturized hair (THIS IS THE KEY TO STYLING 4C HAIR). The water gives my hair the moisture it needs. I don’t over saturate though, just a little misting with a spray bottle to make it damp.
2. Then I finger detangle, apply my argan oil and then my shea butter to seal.
3. After that, I braid that section and leave about 1 to 2 inches from the bottom for the perm rods. I usually do 8 sections.4. The next morning, I take down the perm rods, undo the braids and fluff my hair. One key tip is to put argan oil on your fingers when taking down your hair to reduce frizz and also picking the roots as you finish each section so you are able to get to all the parts of your hair. This keeps you from messing up your hair at the end when you are trying to fluff the roots of the entire head at the same time. It also helps to increase volume.

Check out Aboyowa’s braid and video below:

Be sure to check my YouTube (westafricanbaby) for styling options. I love my 4c hair because of its versatility and I really want others to love their hair as much or even more than I do. I want people to  see 4c hair in a different light. It is as good as any other hair texture. You just have to love and learn your hair and I PROMISE your hair journey will be good to you. I keep my regimen very simple. You really don’t need to do too much to show the beauty in your hair.

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