3 Reasons Why You Should Use a Leave-In Conditioner


Since going natural, you’ve probably questioned the importance of having a leave-in conditioner in your regimen. Some leave-in conditioners seem like an extra, unnecessary step in your arsenal of products and many naturals choose not to use them at all. Others, especially those who enjoy using the LOC method, always tend to have a leave-in conditioner handy.

Leave-in conditioners may not seem as important as using a shampoo or conditioner, but they actually serve many purposes: to nourish and moisturize the hair, prevent breakage and split ends, soften the hair, tame frizz, and aid in detangling. Many leave-in conditioners have water as one of their first ingredients: these are mainly great for replenishing dry hair with moisture. Still, others may not even have water listed as an ingredient. The focus of these types of leave-ins is more about sealing in moisture while ensuring easier detangling and smoothness. Both of them can also aid in prevention of damage/breakage, and strength.

For me, personally, leave-in conditioners are definitely a staple when it comes to my hair. Spritzing a leave-in on my hair instantly makes my curls look and feel more moisturized and defined than they do immediately after I’m done washing my hair. One of my favorite leave-ins is the Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner. This product alone defines my curls and gives me immense shine. I follow up with a cream (usually Cantu Shea Butter’s Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream)and Vatika coconut oil and then style.

If you’re wary about what a leave-in conditioner can do for your hair, here are a few reasons why you might consider including them in your regimen if you aren’t already:

1. Moisture.

Yes, water alone is moisture but a great leave-in conditioner can have many other ingredients that aid in boosting your hair’s moisture. For example: aloe vera, which naturally helps your hair retain water/moisture, rosewater, which also replenishes your hair’s moisture, and glycerin, which will pull moisture from the air into your strands. 

2. Strength.

Many leave-in conditioners include protein to help strengthen your hair: for example, hydrolyzed wheat protein, which is small enough to be absorbed into the hair shaft and fortifies the hair against breakage.

3. Added bonuses!

In addition to supplying moisture and strength, a great leave-in conditioner can also provide shine, boost curl definition, eliminate frizz, refresh your curls, and help sustain your hair until your next wash day.

In this video, Chime Edwards (aka HairCrush) discusses the benefits of leave-in conditioners and why she likes to use them for her hair:

Do you think it’s necessary to use leave-in conditioners? Weigh in!

15 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Should Use a Leave-In Conditioner”

      1. What is a good LOC for VERY thick coily hair? I transitioned 1.5 years ago and am totally natural now. Thank you for the great articles!

          1. I almost bought that one! Lol I ended up getting the Shea Moisture restorative conditioner. Although it’s a rinse out conditioner, it can also be used as a leave in, which I love. Since I don’t use silicones of any kind, it’s nice knowing I can grab any of their products knowing it’s free of silicones and sulphates.

  1. I agree, I never used to use leave in conditioners before but now I do and my hair is so much softer but stronger!

  2. I found leave in conditioner to be the best thing ever! I have very coily hair and had to get most of it cut off because the ends got really dry quickly and wouldn’t keep in any moisture at all.Now I use my leave in very frequently and my hair is moisturised and my twist outs are just on point :).

  3. I’m currently in the transitioning stage and I have trouble with keeping my hair moisturized and preventing it from looking like a super dry mess. I haven’t done the big chop. I’m just letting it grow out and trimming it. But after reading vowing this webpage, I plan to try some of these products. Are there any types that you can give me to keep my hair from looking super dry?

  4. I absolutely think a good leave in is necessary. It was left out of my regimen for experiment purposes and my hair tangled more when only using water as a moisturizer and oil as a sealant. Especially when wearing my hair in my favorite protective style, two strand twists. After using a leave in on a daily basis,I noticed I had less single strand knots, tangles and my ends didn’t bind together after long term protective styling.I’m someone who rinses (not wash) my hair daily so to be able to rinse my twists daily and be able to leave them otherwise untouched for 3 to 4 weeks and STILL be able to retain length instead of breaking my hair every time I have to take them down is saying a lot about a leave in conditioner. I must rinse, apply a penetrating oil and THEN my leave in and seal the ends with a thicker oil. If I skip the leave in, tangles soon follow, so I never skip that step.

  5. I had no idea that some conditioner has aloe vera in it, which helps my hair retain moisture. I can see why this would be good to apply to my hair so that it stays healthy. My wife is always buying shampoo and conditioner together. I’ll have to talk to her about how she should continue to do that so her hair stays in good condition.

  6. I didn’t know a leave in conditioner could help tame frizz. That must be because it can help nourish the hair over time. I always have a hard time doing my daughters hair in the morning; so maybe, I should try this.

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