Protective Styling Season is Back! Get this Look: Natural Extensions


Fall is here and in full effect- which means it’s time to whip out your best updos, weaves, braids, twists, hair extensions, etc. That’s right, ladies: it’s Protective Styling Season again!

When you pursue a protective styling regimen, it can easily get boring if you don’t find different ways to switch up your look. Each week, we’ll be featuring different styles to try to get you through the fall/winter season.

big chop hair

This week, we’re focusing on natural-looking extensions.

There are so many curly/natural hair extensions available these days. These kinds of extensions are ideal because they don’t require you to flat iron your hair should you choose to have a leave-out. Even if you leave a small section of hair out in the front, it’s still a great protective style because the majority of your hair is put away and the part that isn’t will be easy to blend and hardly manipulated.

Natural-looking extensions are ideal for you if you like to wear wash-n-gos, want to add some length to your hair without a full-blown weave, or simply want a nice change that doesn’t take long at all to attain.

(Before you try any protective style, remember to properly wash, condition, deep condition, and moisturize your hair in preparation for your style. You want to ensure that your hair is thoroughly moisturized before you tuck it away.)

YouTube is full of beautiful tutorials on how best to go about blending your hair with natural hair extensions. Here are a few of our favorites:

Jaleesa Moses (Jaleesa Moses on YouTube) reviews the Virgin Mongolian Kinky Curly Hair by Mercy’s Hair Extensions. Her bangs have been left out in the front.

In this video, Bianca (simplybiancaalexa on YouTube) shows us exactly how she blends her own hair with her Big Chop Hair extensions.

Watch as Adele (Allisbelle on YouTube) maintains her hair extensions, taming the frizz and ensuring they are properly blended.

So if you’re looking for a fun way to protective style, why not try some hair extensions? Protective styling doesn’t have to be boring! Plus it’s super easy to make extensions your own by switching up the length, color, or curl pattern.

For your convenience, here are a few online shops that sell natural hair extensions:

Big Chop Hair
Heat Free Hair
Kurly Klips
Mercy’s Hair Extensions
My Kinky Hair
My Natural Hair Extensions

Check out these ladies on Instagram:

Jaleesa: @saythelees
Bianca: @bummblebee7
Adele: @dellydoll

My Kinky Hair has some really fabulous kinky tresses available as well, read more about them in this post.

Happy Styling!

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