Cuttin’ Up: Guide to Haircuts for Naturals Part III The Deva Cut

In the previous two blogs we took a look at why a natural might decide to get a haircut and what one might need to consider such as choosing a style and selecting a stylist. There is one very popular salon that aims to address these issues for woman of curls assuring them with the perfect haircut by a stylist trained specifically in cutting kinky, coily and curly hair. Lorraine Massey, founder of the Devashan salon and also of the curly girl method of hair care developed the “Deva Cut” a specialized technique for cutting curly hair. Deva stylists complete intensive training and certification process. The Deva Cut is performed on dry hair and each curl is cut individually.

Joyce Anne at Devachan NYC

 Joyce Anne of shares her experiences at the Devachan Salon. See her blog post here.

With so much training and attention to detail, one would assume that having a Deva Cut is the answer to every curly girl’s dreams. However, a quick search of the Internet, especially YouTube, reveals many mixed reviews. It appears that women either love it or hate it.

Although I have never had a Deva Cut myself there are some important facts I have gathered from doing a little research. The main complaint about the Deva technique is that when worn straight the cut is very uneven and women assume that their hair has not been cut correctly and are ready to rage against the stylist and the salon.

If a Deva cut is in your future remember, the cut is meant to be worn curly not straight. The stylist will cut each curl so that they hang evenly. Think about your hair’s curl and shrinkage pattern, how much would you need to cut off of the back of your head to make it even with the side? How much would you have to cut from the top of your hair so it lays evenly with the bottom and has a uniform shape? This is what the Deva cut does so if you plan to wear your hair straight at anytime then the Deva Cut is not for you. The most common complaint of most women is not liking the styling after the cut. It appears that most women ended up washing and restyling after leaving the salon. Regardless of the type of salon you choose always be sure to start with a consultation and explain your expectations and styling goals before making a decision. Here are two videos to help you decide if the Deva Cut is for you.


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