Cuttin’ Up: Guide to Haircuts for Naturals Part II

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In our introduction we discussed reasons why a natural might want to get a haircut. We also cautioned that attempting to go from this

bad hair cut

to this

good natural hair cut

is best left to the professionals. However, unless you are proactive in explaining your desired outcome to your stylist the results can be less than desirable. So, what should one consider before deciding to seek a qualified stylist to transform your current style? The most important thing is knowing your hair texture and how it behaves. All kinky curlies must be conscious of not only how much our hair shrinks but in what areas. If you experience extreme shrinkage at the nape it would not be feasible to choose a shag type haircut that emphasizes a longer nape.

In addition, you must decide how you will wear your hair the majority of the time. Many naturals are team curls all the way, all day while other naturals prefer wearing their hair straight. There is nothing wrong with either choice but if you want the versatility to go back and forth between straight and curly it is imperative that you discuss this with your stylist before cutting begins. If your hair is currently straight it is a good idea to take in pictures to the salon so the stylist can see the length of your hair when it is curly.

The best idea is to set up a consultation beforehand to discuss your expectations and give the stylist a chance to “meet” your hair in a relaxed setting without the pressure of the impending cut looming.

The rule of thumb is if you plan to wear your hair kinky get it cut in its naturally kinky state. If you plan to wear your hair straight get it cut while it is straight. The best cut I have had personally was on straight, dry hair. I explained to the stylist how I normally wear my hair and the amount of shrinkage I experience. Aside from her desire to give me bubble bangs (which would have been disastrous) she was able to give me a cut that looked great both straight and curly.

In the next blog we will discuss the good, the bad and the curly of the famous, and for some infamous, Deva Cut a cutting technique created specifically for curly hair.

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