Aging Naturally: Hairstyles for Mature Naturals

Natural Silver Sista
Natural Silver Sista is awesome inspiration for mature naturals!

Today is my forty ninth birthday. Although most would say I officially became a “mature” woman at forty one, it is my feeling that this place on the verge of fifty is where I am feeling the freedom and the stigma of being an “older woman.”

It was my idea to write a tutorial on hairstyles for mature naturals but as I began researching and taking a look at my own personal favorites I realized that there are no “mature” natural hairstyles. In my search I found woman of sixty wearing the same styles as twenty year olds and looking just as gorgeous.

I have heard many women of forty lament that they would go natural but they don’t want to be condemned to wearing a fro or even worse twists. Their fear is they would look adolescent or unprofessional. However, just as the saying goes, “you are only as old as you feel,” you are only as uncomfortable with natural hair as you allow yourself to be.

Of course if you choose to wear twists bedazzled with barrettes, ribbons and bows the effect may be somewhat immature unless you are Betsey Johnson or some other eclectic type. My go to natural style is two strand twists. I wear them everywhere from casual Saturday’s to church on Sunday and to work the rest of the week. I have never had anyone suggest that my twists are unprofessional or juvenile because my dress and demeanor present a confident, competent and professional adult.

At forty nine I believe that I have found my personal style and I am confident in who I am. I believe my natural hair is a reflection of that. On the other hand if I do look crazy to others I am now old enough not to care and I can and will be playing the “old card.”

For another viewpoint on being natural after forty, please enjoy the video below.

2 thoughts on “Aging Naturally: Hairstyles for Mature Naturals”

  1. ma’am you are killing it in the picture! i love salt and pepper hair. my grandmother on my dads side have long salt and pepper hair with silver streaks. as a little girl, i loved and her and secretly wished i had it. she always told me gray hair was a sign of wisdom and i was dead set on gaining wisdom. i can’t wait until i get there!

  2. After saw an earlier post I was encouraged to continued to stay natural with salt and pepper hair. I am 73 and I love my hair and choice I made.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share.

    Cali Salt and pepper.

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