4B and 4C YouTubers With Awesome Length Retention

Type 4 YouTubers With Long Hair

1.Naturally GG

This channel features two sisters with beautiful heads of 4b/4C hair.


Naturally GG emphasizes the importance of moisturizing.  Amber say’s“moisturize, moisturize and moisturize—especially your ends.”  Whenever she feels her ends dry, she says to spray with water, follow with shea butter and oil.  She keeps her ends clipped and avoids styles that require a lot of manipulation.


Minimal Manipulation
Keep ends moisturized
Avoid Heat
Keep ends trimmed

SEE MORE OF NATURALLY GG AT:  Naturally GG’s Channel

2.  Mstanish1

Mstanish1 has been sharing her natural hair care tips on YouTube for 4 years.  She has long (down her back) 4b/4c tresses and notes that at this length, her hair easily knots.


Mstanish1 primarily wears loose 2 strand twists because they are easy to style remove and require little manipulation.  To detangle, she saturates her hair with grapeseed oil, detangles and follows with a conditioner.  She emphasizes the importance of detangling after every protective style — she likes using conditioners with the words “smooth or silky” in the name.


Mstanish1 doesn’t wash her hair often, so when she does was she deep conditions (every time)!  She treats her hair with apple cider vinegar, being very gentle with the detangling process.  The only time she combs her hair is when she detangles and does not use brushes.

WHERE YOU CAN FIND HER: MsTanish1’s YouTube Channel

3. Keishanista88

Keishanista88e likes to straighten and stretch her hair but places great importance on moisturizing and avoiding breakage.


She washes her hair once a week and deep conditions whenever she washes.  Moisturizing is a must and she recommends carrying a spray bottle with a mixture of water and your favorite oil.


Trim ends
Work with hair in sections
Deep Condition
If you MUST use heat– use ceramic or tourmaline coated tools.

WHERE YOU CAN FIND HER: Keishanista88’s YouTube Channel

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