5 Styles to Try on Short Natural Hair

With so many women opting for the big chop, short hair styles are in high demand.  Unfortunately, many women with short hair assume that because they are lacking in length, there aren’t many options for hairstyles.  This is a myth.  Below are five hairstyles to try if you are at the short phase of your natural journey.

1. Flat Twist Up-Do


Have some braiding skills? Try them out on your TWA. For those who are not so skilled at braiding this is definitely a  must try style that you can ask your hair stylist to do for you.

2. Comb Coils/Finger Coils


Hair by Nedjetti.com Salon Bloomfield, NJ

This style can be achieved using a comb or your fingers. Creating them on your own is fairly easy. Use a gel with a nice hold to it like Eco Styler Olive Oil Get, and simply twist your strand around your finger until it forms a coil. Repeat this process until you have finished your whole head.

3. Braided Up-Do


This is yet another lovely braided updo suitable for short natural hair. Very classy and chic!

4.  Stuffed Rolls


For this style all you will need is a nice stretchy band and some bobby pins. Simply gather your hair into a nice puff then neatly tuck, roll, and pin in place until all of your puff is in a lovely rolled up updo.

5. Teeny Weeny Afro


Want a nice curly TWA like the picture above? Use products that will define your curls try products like: Wonder Curl Get Set Jelly, Shea Moisture Curling Souffle, & Kinky Curly Custard. Remember everyone’s curl is unique so it may not look like spirals or ringlets, but these products are sure to enhance what you have naturally.

As you can see, your short hair is beautiful, versatile and can be creatively styled very easily.  Styling involves a little out of the box thinking.  With a little creativity, your short hairstyles can go a very long way.

How do you style your short tresses?

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