6 Steps to Properly Detangling Natural Hair

detangling natural hair

Detangling is a very important aspect of your hair care routine, which is why it is vital that this is done correctly. Otherwise, the hair that you have grown can become damaged, split, and ultimately break off. We don’t want all that growth to go to waste now do we? Here are 6 steps that will have you properly detangled in no time:

Wet and Condition Your Hair

Wet hair saturated with conditioner is ideal for detangling.  Water and conditioner lubricate the hair, making it very easy to detangle.  The more slippery the hair, the easier it is for your comb, brush or fingers to slide through it.  Not only is wet hair more lubricated, it is also more elastic than dry hair and will stretch under the tension of a comb or brush.  Dry hair has the tendency to break when combed because it will not stretch as much.

Detangle in sections

After lubricating your hair with the water and conditioner, separate your hair into 4-6 sections.  Separating the hair into sections make the whole process easier.  Remember to pay attention to one section at a time to ensure that you get to all parts of your hair.  Sectioning your hair also allows you to separate the already detangled hair from the hair that has not been detangled.  Try to use plastic clips to separate the hair, as some bands may pull the hair out.

Try Finger Detangling Before Using a Brush or a Comb

Finger detangling involves using your fingers before using a comb or brush to separate the hair strands.    Finger detangling allows you to feel larger knots and tangles and pull them apart gently.  Separate your hair into sections and pull the hairs apart in each section gently with your fingers.  After completing all sections, follow with a comb or brush.  Finger detangling makes detangling with a comb or brush much easier.

Start From The Ends and Work Your Way Up

Do not begin detangling from the root of your hair.  Always start from the ends of your hair because you cannot detangle downward from the middle if the ends below it are not detangled.  Be gentle with your hair, making sure to hold the ends of your hair with one hand and detangle with the opposite.   Once you have detangled all your ends, start detangling maybe an inch above that.  Continue this process until all sections are detangled.

Detangle Before and After Shampooing

Ensure that you have the least amount of shed hairs as possible before shampooing because shampooing sometimes make the hairs stick together.  You do not want to add tangles on top of tangles… so detangle, shampoo, add conditioner and detangle again!

Use a Proper Comb or Brush

Combs and brushes work well for detangling if the correct combs/brushes are used and if they are used properly.  Wide tooth combs and brushes work much better than the fine tooth combs.  Actually, fine tooth combs can cause more breakage and make the detangling process a little more difficult. 

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  1. Many women have less patience with Detangling the hair and thus pull out more hair during combing and washing. This can never help out as tangling occurs more often and the only thing to go for is the best conditioning and shampooing solution that can bring out the best results for detangling and leave your hair safe and secure.

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