7 Wedding Styles for Natural Hair Brides to Be

Wedding season is on the horizon and many of our natural brides may be wondering or worried about how they will style their hair for that BIG DAY.  Fortunately, our natural wives to be can maintain their natural locks and accomplish an elegant look that will be sure to turn heads on their wedding day.

Whether you are transitioning or are a seasoned natural bride, here a few show stopping hairstyles that will compliment any wedding dress!

1. This retro style is amazingly gorgeous and classy!

Bride Natural1

2. Twist outs work for any occasion, including weddings– and the veil brings the elegant look together.

3. This heart shaped pinup is perfect for that walk down the aisle.

Natural Braids

4. The puff, dressed with an elegant flower will definitely wow wedding guests.


5. This gorgeous up-do is complimented by alluring pieces that give this natural do a chic appeal.

tajuana (1)

6. This simple yet stylish bun was made from bulk extensions.


7.  This short and stylish look is just as glam as long hair styles.


As you can see, classy, elegant and sassy styles can be achieved with any length of hair.  Don’t limit put limits on what can be done with natural tresses.  Use your imagination to create unique, glamours styles for your big day!

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