3 Natural Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Summer Weather

Summer Natural Hair Styles

George Gershwin wrote in the classic song Summertime, “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.” Summer is also the time for carefree and effortless hair. In this blog I will share three easy-livin summertime options for natural hair. No matter which option you choose make sure you give your hair extra moisture by applying water or water based moisturizers and consider purchasing a sunscreen for both your hair and skin.

Option 1: Just Add Water- The Wash and Go

The wash and go is not for everyone. However, if you are able to achieve it, the wash and go is quick, easy and perfect for summer. Because this style starts with wet hair it is perfectly cool for those scorching hot days. Take along a small spray bottle filled with plain water or a mixture of oils or glycerin to refresh your look throughout the day. Frequent misting will keep both your hair and skin well hydrated and looking fresh.

Consider the wash and go when planning a trip to the Water Park or pool as water will only make this style better.


Option 2: Go Incognito-Summer Hats

Hats are not just for bad hair days or hiding from the paparazzi. Big straw hats are a chic summer classic and can protect both your hair and skin from the effects of UV rays. Choose a hat with an extra wide brim for maximum protection and style.

summer hats natural hair

Option 3: Mermaid It-Braided

Braids are almost synonymous with summer. From cornrows to individuals and fishtails, braids are not only stylish and easy to wear but they give your hair a chance to take a vacation from styling and manipulation. Hair can be easily washed, conditioned and moisturized to remove sand and sweat without disturbing the style. Another plus is that braiding can bring even the wildest fro into submission so you can wear a hat or cap. Be careful with braids; make sure they are not too tight especially around the edges.

mermaid braid natural hair

What styles are you planning to rock this summer? 

6 thoughts on “3 Natural Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Summer Weather”

  1. Hey Theresa! I plan on braiding my twa g’nappy hair hopefully by the end of June (if I can catch it) or the end of July at the latest. On month 3, big chop (shaven) #6. Good luck & good hair to you.

  2. My hair is in the short fro stage so I will be wearing Havana Twists this summer. I will be taking them out every 4 to 5 weeks, getting my split ends trimmed, and then putting them back in. I will be twisting my hair myself!

  3. I have short tight curly Afro hair that’s been growing and growing each month . Since I love to go of the pool I usually wash and go . I make sure I spritz my hair with water before I go to the pool.

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