Reader Question: Two Hair Types & Nape Breakage

two hair types on one head

Reader Abigail asks:

“I’m 14 and caring for my hair after a load of heat damage. Lately I have realised that my nape hair is like 3c/4a so soft, kind of curly and a complete different hair texture to the rest of my 4b/c hair. My Mom says it is because of sweat around my neck.Is what she said true or is there a different reason like I unintentionally heat trained my nape hair? Also how can I get this section of my hair to grow?”

Abigail it is quite common for people to have two different hair types on one head of hair. I myself have a loser texture in the front section and the back section of my hair. However, the middle part of my hair is way kinkier the rest of my hair. That is simply just the nature of my hair.

Heat can alter the texture of your hair by making your texture looser or  even permanently straightening your hair. This has happened to me before and I had to simply grow my hair out and cut off the heat damage.Since I cannot observe your hair for myself I cannot tell you whether it is from heat damage or that is just the true texture of your hair.

Now about the sweat making your hair texture different; possibly the sweat is dampening your hair giving it a different appearance. Hair that has moisture contact will have a different appearance than if it were just natural with no moisture or outside influences on it. But as far as sweat changing your curl pattern, I don’t think so!

To avoid heat damage take these steps:

  • Reduce your usage of heat (try to limit to once a month if possible).
  • If your hair can effectively be straightened on a lower heat setting try medium heat rather than high heat.
  • Use a heat protectant.
  • Do not run over the same section of hair multiple times as this will lead to the possibility of heat damage, brittle hair, and breakage.
nape breakage

Tips for growing your nape

  • Plenty of moisture, moisture, and moisture! Some areas of our hair need extra love.
  • Handle this area with a lot of care as some parts of hair like our edges and nape are extremely sensitive.
  • So try not to wear styles that tug too tightly at this area.
  • Treat this area gently (don’t over comb or brush too much or over manipulate it in general).
  • Your clothing (shirt or jacket collar) could be rubbing against it causing too much friction.

One tip a stylist gave me years ago for growing my nape was to wear my hair in an updo style  to give this area some air. I don’t know about the air part, but it make sense being that an updo would reduce contact that your nape would have would your shirt collar or jacket, which ultimately prevents too much friction from occurring.

I hope these tips have helped Abigail. Happy growing!

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