Keep Your Natural Hair Healthy During Your Lazy Week

Lazy weeks are pretty much inevitable; we all have them. Especially when your natural hair gets a little longer in truth it is more work.  However, even when you don’t feel like giving your hair the attention you normally would provide it with you can still keep it healthy during your lazy phase with these simple tips:

keep natural hair healthy

 1. Always wrap your hair no matter what. Yes, you may be tired after coming home from your 9 to 5 but how long does it really take you to pop that silk scarf on? Practically no time at all. An easy way to prevent slip-ups only takes a tiny bit of preparation. Always keep your scarf on top of your nightstand and perhaps a backup one inside your nightstand drawer. This way when you are out for the count all you have to do is reach over put your scarf on and hit the lights.

2. You always want to make sure your hair is in a protective style or at least a ponytail when you are ready to go to bed. Going to bed with your hair out in a fro may lead to tangles and matting, which ultimately leads to breakage.

3. Keep your hair moisturized even when you are feeling lazy. When I need a quick way to moisturize my hair I let the steam from the shower give my hair a nice refresher and I add a little bit of product if necessary.

4.  For length retention and your hair’s health keep it in styles that require low manipulation. If you don’t feel like doing a style that may take a little a longer a simple bun will do just fine. This also saves you time on styling your hair in the morning.

Even with a shortage of  time on your hands or just a simple lazy mood surely these tips can be implemented into your routine with little to no effort. Making the time to fit in these easy steps will help you to keep your hair healthy until you return to your usual standard of care.

How do you make sure your hair is being cared for when you are having a lazy week?

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