Does Dirty Hair Grow Faster?

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Dirty hair is often times confused to be  a good practice for growing black hair. It’s easy to see why this mistake is made, but dirt on your hair in no way encourages growth or length retention.

Dirty hair is associated with growth for some people because when you don’t wash your hair as often there is less manipulation and less manipulation means little room for breakage and ultimately length retention.

This does not mean that dirt is growing your hair. In fact, when your hair is dirty it is hard for any moisturizing products you use to work because buildup makes it hard for any product to penetrate the hair.

What this really means is washing your hair less frequently fits better into your regimen. While washing hair once a week works for some people many others find more success in going 3 weeks without washing.

Oh and just because your hair is washed less often this does not mean that it is dirty. Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes washes her hair monthly and her aim is definitely not dirty hair.

does dirty hair grow faster

(read more about her routine at:

This method makes sense for her hair texture, length, and preference. If you find that something like this works for you then go for it. However if you are washing your hair less often put a smaller amount of products and lighter products in your hair to prevent buildup.

When your hair feels like it desperately needs a wash, wash it. Keeping your hair dirty will not make it grow. You can have a routine of less frequent washes, but dirty hair should never be your goal.

Cassandre covers this in her video and gives a very good response to this frequently asked question

8 thoughts on “Does Dirty Hair Grow Faster?”

  1. What is said in this article is true. Works for white as well. Just dont those people who constantly play with their hair. Its annoying to watch and a good way to dirty your hair.

  2. I think not, dirty hair does not grow hair faster… Caucasian women or other races with long hair wash their hair almost every day, at least 3 times a week, look how long their hairs are! That should tell you we need to wash at least once a week to have growth at even 1/3 of their length…. our hair need more moisturizing daily same as we do for our weaves, our natural hair also need it to stop breakage from dry hair, water refreshes and deep conditioner replenishes our hair and skin need to be cleaned!

  3. What’s good for others may not necessary be good for another. Caucasian hair produce more oils resulting in oily hair we add oils constantly to replenish our hair. So how can we compare the two. I for one changed my hair washing to once a week. I don’t think my hair likes it very much so I’m trying every three weeks.

  4. for fastly growth of hair hair needs only natural oil of head not other oils and its good for hair structure also hair makes glow and strong wash your hair once a week brush 3 times in a day.try to have oily hair during many times as its possible and do massage often.use only vegetable shampoon balsam and mask.thats all .when you go outside use cap or something.

  5. I’ve seen this happening with my hair, when I wash it less, like every 3 weeks using less products it grows faster than when I wash, but recently, I just can’t do that because as I workout almost everyday, the sweat builds up and along with oils it itches a lot.

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