What is Heat Training and is it Right for You?

Heat training is nothing new and many of you are probably already doing it without even knowing that you are. Heat training is the gradual process of changing the texture of your hair with heat styling tools such as  a flat iron. Once your hair texture has been changed through heat training it cannot revert back to its original texture.

Whenever any heat appliance is used on your hair it depletes your hair of moisture and alters its bond. So is heat training a form of heat damage? Yes, however the damage that you experience is minimal compared to if you were simply over using heat on your hair on a consistent basis. Since the usage of the heat used during heat training is gradual the effects are less detrimental.

Many naturals who have pressed their hair and then continue to wear their hair in its natural state may notice those few straight strands that dangle among your curls. Unfortunately even with the application of heat protectants nothing can be done about this when you use high heat on your hair. To prevent this from happening you may want to instead use a lower heat on your hair and even still there will be a possibility that your texture will be altered. However with a lower heat setting the change will most likely be not as drastic and may simply loosen your curl pattern.

Now there are many naturals like me that cannot stand those straight ends when they rock their curls so if this is you, reduce the temperature of the heat when you press your hair. For those who enjoy wearing their hair straight regularly but do not want to use chemicals heat training is an alternative. You just have to be mindful that you want to space out the time that you use heat styling tools on your hair, for example every 2 to 3 weeks, this is not an every day application of heat.

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