The Benefits of Yarn Braids + Style Ideas to Try

yarn braids

Jokingly when I first heard about yarn braids, I thought to myself, “Someone was broke one day and decided to give this a try”. However after doing research and taking the time to think about it, it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Since I had some acrylic yarn handy I decided to do a test braid to see how it would look. I expected it to look ridiculous but once it was completely braided surprisingly it looked great. Here are some benefits of yarn braids if you are considering them:

It definitely is a money saver.

You can buy 1 or 2 packs of acrylic yarn not the wool one ( this can dry out your hair) and have enough to complete your whole head for anywhere between $5 to $7 or perhaps even less. Whereas with braiding hair you are spending $2.99 or so per pack and you will need about 4 to 5 packs of hair so you will at least be spending somewhere in the neighborhood of $15.00 or more.

Eliminate the Mess.

I am sure even if you are neat you can create a mess with yarn, but it probably doesn’t  come close to the mess that you experience with weave. It gets all over your house and the strands follow you around, the mess that comes with braiding hair is super annoying.

They look natural.

As long as they are done properly you will not be able to tell that they are Yarn Braids. All you have to do is make sure that the end of the yarn is sealed and you have a beautiful braided style.

Get The Look of Locs Without the Commitment

With yarn braids you can achieve a similar look to dreadlocks without the commitment of locking up your hair. This can help you determine whether you do want to just go for it or it can be just a fun style to change things up with.

The only disadvantage is the ends of the Yarn definitely give it away if they are not sealed properly by burning them. Otherwise they are a cute, low cost long term protective hairstyle, that will give you a break from styling your hair. Although it will be low maintenance do not forget to moisturize your hair with a moisturizing spray product to avoid drying out and damaging your hair.

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  1. Love Yarn Braids but the girl in the photo is not named, “Sa-Rah Francois” Her name is Yagazie Emezi and she has a really interesting blog on Tumblr called JungleLove

  2. This is my 1st time putting in yarn braids, for a matter of fact it is my 1st time putting in braids myself. I did the the 1st row in braids and than I thought……It is going to take forever to take down so I did the rest of my hair in yarn twist. They look great and are light weight. I make sure that I moisturize them nightly and I will be washing them in a few days. One thing that I love about them is that as you continue to wear them, wash them, and moisturize your own hair they look more and more natural. I love this style and will be wearing it while in transition.

    1. I love them too. My daughter first did her hair and then I let her do my hair and from that time on I have loved them. My hair grew and she cut all the perm off , now I’m all natural and I Love it. My hair is thick and healthy. I can’t wait for it to grow longer.

  3. I don’t seal the ends of mine. I double knot them and cut off the excess so I have about half an inch of loose yarn at the ends, then I dip the ends in a pot of boiling water. This keeps them flat and makes them look less like tassels. I find that having them unsealed makes it easier to redo loose braids. I just unknot the braid and loose it out with my fingers instead of cutting it off, and then just reuse the yarn. Whatever works 🙂

  4. I want to grow out my this method a good idea for that? Can I swim with it? How often should I wash my hair? How long does it last?

    1. This hairstyle is a great one to use to grow out the perm. The downfall to having yarn braids is the fact that they can be extremely heavy when wet….not sure what chlorine would do to the yarn…if it would change the color or not…but other than that you can style them…wash and condition them…my hair grows extremely fast in them…

    2. yes you can swim in chlorine based pools. just rinse out your hair with water and squeeze the strands when you are done with swimming.

  5. I love my yarn braids. They look like my real hair. I have had them in for 4 months and they still look good.

  6. I braided my grand daughter with yard I liked it a little thick as. She’s going to college and I need it to last an while at least until she come home for holiday. Can this happen and can she wash her hair and with what? Also I think it’s a great idea, looks great but full and does not hang even please e mail with ideas. I’m about to take it down and do something else. Help.

  7. I had some yarn braids put in, I really loved them. The only issue I had is the black yarn once braided in your hair look like grey dots on the braids. What if anything can be done. I hate those grey looking dots.

  8. i want some yarn braids sk bad i wanted to know should i got to an shop or should i just do them myself. and does anyone thats lives in philly knows a great shop that does them nice?

  9. i love the yarn twist and braids first timer i did my mom hair and mine very neat we do hair i would recomed yarn styles to anyone i encourage you to try it like it works wonders and it dont cost much it save you money

  10. Yarn Braids are very easy to install and maintain. I do them and have my work posted on Pinterest under Yarn Braids.

  11. Hello there. Just wanted to comment to show some support and lay out some facts about yarn braids. I am currently wearing them. I did them myself. I have sandy brown hair that has natural highlights (consists of about 5 different browns). It was a little challenging to find a color match but I did. I have had them already for a little over 3 weeks and I’m still loving them. I moisturize daily with tea tree oil. While installing them the only product I used while installing was Raw Shea Butter (melted to oil form). I combed out my new growth and re-twisted braids so my scalp has a fresh maintained look. They are a great protective style, I would recommend them to anyone natural, texlaxing, transitioning, or relaxed. They are also safe for children’s hair. They are lighter in weight than weave and look natural, I love my yarn braids will continue to yarn braid my hair! I am a soldier in the Army and I am allowed to wear them (In a low bun of course). If you make sure your parts are a decent size and you don’t use excessive yarn in one braid, it can have a elegant, professional look. Hope I answered any questions you have. Have a blessed day!

    1. What type of yarn brand did you buy and what color? I have sandy brown hair as well and I’m conflicted about color choice.

  12. I want to do yarn braids but the color I really want isn’t 100% acrylic. Is 80% acrylic, 20% wool okay to use on hair?

    1. I’ve used 100% wool as well as acrylic..I like both. Just be sure to use shampoo to clease your scalp at least once per week to stimulate natural moisture and avoid the stankerous ordor of dirty scalp–no matter what style you wear. While I’m at it, let me add something fundamental to personal hygene. Your scalp is SKIN..cleanse and moisturize it. You wouldn’t go for weeks without washing your behind..would you? And you wouldn’t use lotion to wash your stop with these “co-washes” and USE SHAMPOO to cleanse your scalp ladies.

  13. Okay so I wanted to do yarn locs to begin my dread journey. I was going to keep the yarn locs in until my hair grew to my shoulders or a nice length then I was going to cut the extensions off. Can I and should I do this with yarn or should I invest in some Marley hair.

  14. Blues guitar girl

    Just wear your natural hair ladies, forget all this synethic stuff. In the long run, all of it will damage your hair.

    1. It actually won’t. If you live in a cold climate like I do, the dry and frigid temperatures can cause a lot of breakage and damage similar to what would happen if you used a curling iron every single day. Styles like these protect the hair from the climate and helps hair stay moisturized. During the summer, I let my hair out but when winter hits, it’s time to put it away in yarn braids. My hair has grown soo much from doing this.

    2. That is true but I am not super confident rocking my natural hair yet. I wish I was more confident but I think people should do what makes them feel comfortable and confident.

  15. Lena Akeredolu

    Im sending my 11 yo daughter away for a 8 wk camp for the summer, so she needs very low maintenance braids that she can maintain herself and will keep for at least 10 weeks. She is very active and sweats a lot. I’m planning to have her hair boxed braided into a shoulder length bob style. Some tell me to use natural hair in her braids because it is soft and nice. Other tell me to use synthetic hair because it looks better for a longer time and sheds less. How about using yarn? Will it last long? Easy to maintain? Soft and non-shedding? Not itchy? Where do I get it? From any regular textile shop? Or are there specific yard products for hair? Thank you!

  16. I’m using yarn braids right now, and continuing with my moisturizing regimen. They look great but I didn’t burn the ends. Not really interested in who realizes I’m using yarn or not, some people need to mind their own business … just saying.

    1. I just put yarn wraps in after not using yarn in my hair for over a year and a half. I forgot how much I loved them. And like you, I could care less who can tell they are yarn. I do brush out the ends so I can keep braiding it all the way down without it unraveling. Stay safe and well everyone!

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