Natural Diva Spotlight: Ima

What was your relaxer experience like?

I had relaxer for only 8 months but was natural my whole life. Relaxer for me was a bit traumatizing, I felt very lost and non beautiful. My hair looked lifeless, dull, and was constantly shedding like a dog. Even nature seemed to be against it by constantly attempting to revert it back whenever it rained or the sun was out. It didn’t seem to be any place in this world for my relax…I can laugh about it now but back then it drove me crazy, I couldn’t take it anymore I didn’t even bother waiting until the year was up. One day I just took the scissors and chop it all off myself, uneven and all. I didn’t care and did I mention that it felt so good too.

How long have you had natural hair?

5 years now.

What made you want to go natural?

I needed to feel whole again like I once did before the relaxer.

How long have you been wearing locs?

4 and half years now. I wore a low cut also known as TWA before I locked my hair.

I really love your corkscrew curl up do, how did you achieve this look?

Thank you, I’m glad you like. These curls were done using the pipe cleaners curling method; here is a good You-tube video demo to show how to curl your hair using the pipe cleaners. I didn’t make a video demo myself yet but am considering doing one in the very near future for those Sista’s out there with bigger locs like mine who needs to have an visual idea how their locs would come out.

How were you able to secure your long locs into bantu knots? Were rubber bands used?

Yes absolutely rubber band is most definitely what I use to secure & keep my Bantu knots in the right place.

Where do you get your style inspiration from?

Well’ I’m a hair stylist myself constantly creating styles in my mind as well as from other natural hair stylist who I’m sure are doing the same.

How do you avoid build up in your hair?

I primarily stay away from wax and junk products, I just use oils and as a result I never had any buildup problems with my locs.

How do you keep your hair healthy?

I keep it moisturized, clean, and buildup free.

What do you think is the most crucial piece of information about loc care that many people don’t know?

That it is a very easy hairstyle to maintain and manage, and the styles normally last longer than non locked hairstyles. In the beginning when 1st attempting to loc up that patience and perseverance is the key to a successful non-regrettable outcome.

Would you ever go back to a relaxer?

No way, I’m into learning from my mistakes in life, not deliberately repeating them. I now know and understand the importance of my natural hair beyond just some fadWhoa’ Give thanks

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